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About us

Wood craftsmen, for over sixty years

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Imagine how good you’d be at something if you’d done it everyday since 1965.

Growing in capacity and experience, over the years the company has evolved, dedicating more and more attention to the production of seatings for community and contract use.

Today our production is aimed at an international market increasingly demanding in its demands: functionality, aesthetic beauty, customization are the advantages that are recognized to Todone and its products. Choose Todone, a company that puts at the centre of its projects the passion in woodworking, respect for the environment, but above all your needs.

Putting our customers at the heart of everything we do

Our made to measure chairs are fully customised to suit all needs

We develop our product by listening to our customers, to meet the needs of their spaces and to provide them with a result which meets their needs. Thanks to our wide range of semi-finished wood products, we can ensure a fast turnaround that has no comparison, because we know that being competitive is a distinctive aspect.  Being able to be without ever losing the quality that distinguishes our seats is the plus which could make the difference.

Our philosophy,

A story began far back which intertwines with the present and guide to the future

Born as manufacturer of lumber and wood components, growing we become authentic experts in the wood and its characteristics. We personally choose every board we work. We take good care of every grain, knot or split, following the traditions of the past and integrating them with the innovations of the present, to achieve the quality that distinguishes us and that transforms our product into a unique piece of its kind.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do,

Sustainability, but not only: our commitment to a better future

For a company that processes a precious material such as wood, taking care of the environment is a logical consequence. We do this with a daily commitment in all stages of the production process.

Todone is attentive to the environment. From year to year we implement small measures that guarantee a minimum environmental impact and a greener future for all.